Videos of my helicopters, either during testing, or at my club or other club flying fields.

This video shows you on board and ground view of my Hirobo SDX.

A video shot from my long time friend of me flying my Airwolf.

Maiden test flight of my Hughes Tow Defender project. Man this was a great feeling to see this heli flying. I am very happy!!!

My Trex500 when I was just starting to fly.

My Tow Defender Maiden Forward Flight. 5/17/2011

Here is some flight video of my Defender taken during our club heli event. I am the only scale guy there.

Maiden forward flight with 5 blade head and Trex600ESP mechanics.

And the maiden forward flight of completed MD500 Tow Defender.

Here is the maiden flight of my new Century 50 size Scale Mechanics for my Santini Air project.

Here's the maiden hover flight test of Santini Air.

Here's the 3rd forward flight of Santini Air. Could not record the maiden flight as I was alone.

This is flight No. 2 with my new A123 8S1P pack. So far I am pleased with the results in this setup. Maybe a few more flights before I commit to using these in the final build.

A109 Nav lights and flight demo. Saving for my Coast Guard build.

My Coast Guard project videos. Sorry the first video is a little poor because I am using a home made hat cam.