The Coast Guard Project (Fuselage Inspection & Prep)

This section will include all things to get the basic kit as I bought it ready for flight. Later I will be attempting to add a rotating search light, and a working hoist with basket. Those are my current plans.

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Because this kit came with retractable landing gear I thought I should start with that. Right now I am just looking at what the kit

came with, and how things may or may not fit together. So far with the landing gear I am finding out there will be some mods and

probably some custom part fabricating. Oh well, that's what makes this fun, right?! Lol...

Here you can see the front landing gear is not able to be inserted into the fuselage because the screws that hold the

mechanism together are hitting the fuselage. Looks like I will be cutting to fit right from the get go. Oh goodie!!

Just a photo show the main gear retracted, and extended. I have no idea how the servo is

supposed to be mounted to operate these. No instructions came with the kit.

Here I am showing how the gear mechanics sit outside the fuselage. I don't like the way that looks.

I will be changing this and at least mounting it flush with the body. Maybe something else will come to mind

once I start actually working on this.

Here you can see the control rod the servo connects to is just out in thin air. Again I will have to figure

out how the servos are suppose to be connected. Maybe I am supposed to make some kind of mounting structure.

This will also be figured out once I get going on this.