Red Bull Tail Boom and Mechs Asemblies

This area of the build was the most challenging for me I think. I started out thinking I was going to use the torque tube setup that came with the fuselage kit, but after spending lots of money, making many part mods or custom parts, I did a complete flip-flop and went to a cable drive system. I will show you some of the TT setup I was working on, then the rest will be devoted to the cable drive setup.

I also used some marine cable drive components on this build. you will see them below.

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The first thing I found was the Trex600 sized tail rotor housing would not fit into the fuselage without lots

of cutting. So I went with a Century Heli TR housing from their scale mechanics assemblies.

Century scale mechs TR fitted with Vario coupler.

And here's the switch to the cable drive system.

First thing was to cut a scrap piece of boom to fit the TR housing onto. Then I fabbed up a mounting piece

that will hold the boom in place inside the fuselage.

A view of the cable and how it bends through the fuselage at the tail end.

Tail boom holder glued in place.

A couple views of how the cable drive will connect to the main mechanics.

TR control rod tubing glued in place.

Some views of the internal bulkheads to hold the cable drive system in place.

Some before and after cable cutting to length. Sure hope I measured correctly, Lol..

The two pieces of hardware connecting to the cable are for marine applications. I figured

if they can handle that kind of load, they should work for my TR drive also.

A view looking towards the rear of the fuse and down the tail boom.

Access panel in the end of the tail boom.

No other way to secure the TR housing, so I gave in to the idea and prepared to drill holes

for TR mounting. I wanted to avoid doing this so the boom would look very clean, but I couldn't.

Basswood blocks to help secure the TH housing.