The Coast Guard Project (Flight Test Crash)

This was a bad test flight day. I do not know what happened either. It was high and I was doing a large descending circle and passed myself about 20 feet up doing 50 mph or so. I pulled back on cyclic but got no response. Then it acted like it was going to pull up, but it never did. It just continued to drop. When it was almost on the ground I hit throttle hold and hoped for the best. Well let's just say the shit flew. Once I got it home and started looking it over I found lots of damage all over. So the total cost for this 2 minute flight was around $450. That's a bit steep I'd say. Damn I hate gravity, Lol...

I still do not know what really caused this crash, but I think it was just too cold for the Helicommand. I will never really know for sure.

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Here's some crash photos and at home tear down shots. I think the worst part is I just put these four

brand new blades on for this flight, and they tracked perfectly the first time. Haa, go figure..