Red Bull Stunt Heli

This will be my version of the Red Bull Stunt Helicopter. It will be modeled after the full size helicopter flown by Chuck Aaron.

I will be using a super scale four blade rotor head from RC Aerodyne, CC ICE2 HV80 ESC, and 10S Lipo battery. I will start with a Hyperion 630Kv motor, but this may change once I start test flying.

The mechanics will be a combination of Goblin 500 transmission and servo mounting, my own custom designed tail rotor drive similar to what Peter Wales has done with the Goblin 700 mechanics. The tail boom input drive coupling will also be some custom made parts, and posibly some Vario dog-bone drive parts. I have never used the Vario stuff before, so I am not sure yet. The tail rotor gear box, rotor hub, and blade grips will be from Century heli. I am using Century because it is an enclosed housing, no exposed gearing.


So here it is mostly right out of the box. I stuck on the tail boom and struts is all.

As you can see I have a helper already. He thinks he will be flying this bird. I don't think so.

I found a place where your own face can be put on a figure so I will be flying this heli myself.

A nice surprise was that the doors open. Did not know that when I bought it.

This rotor head is very cool looking, and was the same price as a plain old plug-n-play type.