MD500 Tow Defender Build Page 1

Let's get started:

This is my first real detailed scale build. When I first started this project I had planned on using my Hirobo SDX 50 SWM mechanics in it. I have changed my mind and decided to go

electric with this heli. I chose a Trex600ESP kit as the price was right, I like the way my Trex500 flies, and Hirobo took too long to get back to me with their electric conversion kit.

Although the Hirobo is a great flying heli, I did not want the mess to clean up all the time after flying.

With this heli I plan to have a auto rotating FLIR, lighted instrument panel and radar screen, cockpit lighting, and a sound system that will emulate machine gun and rocket launch

sounds. I will also have all the navigation lighting working as well.

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Here you can see the Defender fuse sitting in my paint booth. This thing is pretty big compared to anything I have ever flown.

There is also allot more fuselage assembly of fiberglass parts with this kit. This should be a fun learning experience for sure.

I also plan to paint this fuse myself in the home made paint booth it is sitting in. I sure hope it works as I have not really

painted anything in it that had any size at all. Just the Airwolf guns and those were pretty small.

Behind the fuse is my SDX 50 that was going to go into this body. I am just

looking to get an idea what this beast will look like when completed. I think

it is going to look very cool when flying around. Can't wait for that day.

Below is the new mechanics I will be using now instead of the Hirobo SDX platform. The new platform is an Align Trex 600 ESP.

The photo below is fresh from todays post flight. Today was the first time I put the heli into forward flight. Date is Jan 12, 2011,

outside air temp was below 20 degrees with a slight wind. It was fricken cold man!!! My fingers froze right away. I want to get a few

flights on these mechanics before I stick them into the fuselage. I also will be installing the flybarless control system before I install

the mechanics permanently.