Santini Air Project (Flybarless Setup and Controls)

After a half dozen flights with the flybar setup I decided it was time for the flybarless. The head is from Century Heli and I really like the looks, and it has the swash follower integrated onto the head (very nice and clean).

For the FBL control I am going to use the SK360. I have it from my Hirobo SDX Defender project that has been scrapped for the current Defender build also going on now. Anyway, I have been flying the SK360 for close to two dozen flights now at the time of this writting, and it is working great. I have had no issues with bobbing or porpoising while in fast forward flights. These controls were used by many of the guys in my flying club during the 2009 season. Most of them loved it. Now they have other ideas. I say how can it be so great a couple years ago and now it's not. Lol!!! They just wanted the newest FBL control that popped onto the scene. I will stick with the SK360 and the 401 gyro combo. It is working very well right now for me.

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The Century Flybarless head is installed and ready for blades.

Here you can see the built in swash follower. Very nice indeed..

This is a custom made FBL control mount. I am no expert, but I made this on my small mill.

Here you can see the FBL plate mounted and awaiting the SK360.

Here I have the SK360 mounted. The wiring is a bit messy and will be cleaned up once I am done flight testing.

Maybe I should do it before testing, but I found it to work just fine. I did tie wrap the wires together, just no photo of it.


I have changed the flybarless control from the SK360 to the newer MicroBeast from BeastX. I now have this FBL unit on two

other helis and I love the way it works and feels in flight. So here is the new setup I just finished and hope to test this weekend,

March 10, 2012. I have some temporary skids and battery mounts while I test and tweek the microbeast. If it works like the other

two this will be a breeze and will be flying around in no time. After 6 - 8 flights I will be ready to put the mechanics into the fuselage.

Here I just have everything out so I can figure out the best way for wire routing.

I finally decided to cut all the servo leads to length and crimp on new ends.

You can see how much cleaner the cut and shortened wiring is here.

Going through the microbeast and ESC setup.

Ready for it maiden flight with the new beast on board. Wish me luck.