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The Heli Pad:


This is my personal site where I share my semi scale helicopter builds, flying event photos and videos, stories, and any RC helicopter adventure that I, or my friends, might have. The Blade 400 Jet Ranger build is from an old website I was working on, and the Trex500 Airwolf build thread from stuff I posted on my local radio control club forum. I will ad to the Airwolf build to make it more complete during the next few weeks. The Blade Jet Ranger suffered a horible crash in my yard and will not be flying any longer. The Blade 400 and Trex500 were my very first attempts at scale. Since then I have moved up to the larger 600 class scale builds.


Be sure to read my About / Contact Me page. It will give you a little back ground on myself and my hobby. Hope you enjoy my site, and thank you for stopping by and checking it out.

NOTE: I have not been actively flying, or updating this site. Life and other things have taken priority. Hopefully in 2024 I will get back into flying more. Check back to see..



 My Heli Fleet (Past and Present)




Current builds, Info, and Upcoming Events:


My current builds are the Santini Air Jet Ranger, Coast Guard Agusta A109 project , the Red Bull stunt heli, and my Aircrane.


If you are interested in starting a scale heli group, or being part of one, email me through my contacts page. This would be for the northern metro area of Minneapolis, MN.


Check out NorthWest RC Club in Elk River, MN if you are looking for a good club to join.