Flight Control Systems - Installation and Setup

While the Helicommand is a very nice system, this newer NAZA-H system is awesome I think. I have it on my Hexcopter and my Hirobo SDX 50. At the time of writing this I only have one flight with hte NAZA in the Hirobo, but I have many with the Hexcopter and took a leap of faith that the heli control system will be just as great. With the GPS option this will be great for scale flying. I have seen my Hexcopter hold position in a 20+ MPH wind, and my only flight with the Hirobo was around 10 MPH and it held great. So for those reasons I have removed the Helicommand and installed the NAZA system.


So it has been a long while since I last updated this page. So there has been yet another change to the selected flight control system. While the NAZA works great on my Hirobo, I have not been able to achive the same results on this heli. After many failed attempts, and emails to DJI, I have decided to remove the NAZA also. While at an event some time ago I was given a demonstration of the iKON with auto level. I was also impressed with this system. So I bought one and installed it. While it flies beautiful in normal mode, I have yet to get it to work well in auto level mode. So to help figure out the issue I bought a second one and installed it on my Hirobo (my test bed for everything). It works great on the Hirobo. Fast forward about one year to present day 2/22/2015. I have changed the orientation from horizontal to vertical, went through the entire setup again, and now when I switch to auto level on the bench the swash stays level. This has not worked like this before. So once the weather breaks and I can get to the field I am hoping to have a much better result, and a correctly working system.

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