Santini Air Project (Motor ESC Wiring)

Once again I will be trying to use the A123 batteries for the main motor power source. It has been working so far in all the flight test up to this point. The ESC will be a Castle Creations ICE HV80. I will be running an 8S1P battery pack. I am also trying some none OEM A123 batteries. So far they have been working fine to date.

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During earlier work with these batteries I found it pretty easy to melt the plastic covering which then allows the battery to short out.

To hopefully prevent this I have made some cardboard insulators. I think this wiil eliminate the problem.

Here is how the battery setup looks installed in the fuselage. It is not how I wanted the batteries to be aranged,

but I really have no other option in order for the heli to balance out that I could see.


All that work above you just read about has been redone. I tore the main battery pack apart so I could redo it

yet one more time. It was just not going to work out the way I was planning to do it. To much interference into

the cockpit area, which is already size reduced just because I am putting the batteries under the floor.

Here you can see the new pack layout is six cells flat and two cells standing on end in the middle of the six.

the two cells on end fit between the mechanics (where the ESC was going mount). I had to cut the fan shroud

a little but no big deal as I don't have the fan installed anyway. I didn't want to take power from the motor.

And here is the battery pack complete with balance charge leads and 10 pin Molex connector. I will also make

a custom balance wire harness for use with my iCharger 1010. Wish I would have came up with this idea first, DOH!!!

The side frame has been drilled to mount the main power and charge plate. The connectors are also installed.

Here it is mounted and sitting in place. It turned out back a little farther than I would have liked,

but it will work fine this way also. I left a small area to posibly mount a connector for the ESC

connection to my laptop. Otherwise I have to unplug the ESC signal from the receiver and that's a pain.