The CH54 Aircrane

Wow!!!! I finally have one of these bad boys. I didn't think I would ever really have one of my own. Mostly because all the kits are larger and near the $10,000 price tag. Mine is a 60 size, so I guess a 650-660 size in other terms.

This will to date be my most extensive project ever. This thing is just a shell. I will be building everything. Wow, what did I just do!!!! Lol... This should be fun and frustrating at times too I suppose, but I can't wait to get started. In the beginning this will be on the back burner, or just lots of research for a while. I need to finish the Red Bull and Santini Air first.

I just figured out today that the fuselage model I have is really a military Aircrane called the CH-54. I love the military stuff, but I wanted this crane to be painted orange like the Erickson cranes are. Not sure what I'll do now. Because I am not a super scale detail builder, I may still paint the crane orange and say it was converted for civilian use and repainted.

So for now just some teaser photos.


Arrival date 1/3/2014

Unboxed and beautiful !!!

Main rotor is about 5 feet in diameter

The tail rotor is 12 inch in diameter.