Santini Air Project

This will be my second 600 size semi scale project. I will be using Century Scale Mechanics in a Funkey fuse (also from Century). I will be modeling this after the Santini Air heli from the Airwolf TV series. I will be going a slow rate until I have finished the Tow Defender project, but this will give me something else to work on. EDIT: I will be working on this in hopes

of bringing it to the first Scale Heli event in Kanasas City, MO. in October, otherwise it will be my local clubs Pumpkin Thrash event also in October. The painting will most likely be the slow going part as I am not a painter by any means.

Scale Mechanics Assembly

Electronics Assembly

Flybarless Setup

Fuselage Assembly

Instruments/Cockpit Assembly

Page 1

Main Motor Battery and ESC wiring

Page 2

Fuselage Painting

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5