The Coast Guard Project(Winch and Search Light)

I plan to make a home made winch, and movable search light. The winch will be made from the electronics of a normal servo. The feedback pot will be replaced by a 10 turn pot. The servo motor will be replaced by a small gear motor box from ServoCity. The gear ratio is 298:1. I will be making a custom drum for the winch cable to reel up onto.

The search light I have no idea on that yet. I will figure something out. It just needs to be really bright, and pretty small for sure.

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Here are the components to make up the winch. I have no idea what the actual winch housing looks

like. I am still gathering photos and searching for that info. Hopefully I can find some good photos.

Here I have tested all the electronic components and all woked as planned. Now

I just need to make the winch spool or drum and put it all together. Piece of cake, right!