The Coast Guard Project

This will be my third big scale project. Even though I currently have two other unfinished projects, I like to keep my plate full with stuff to build. I have not picked the mechanics for this heli yet, but I am leaning towards the Century Scale 50 setup. So far in my Santini Air heli I really like the way the work and feel (except for the wire drive tail rotor). This project will also be electric, motor and ESC are TBD? I cheated and bought this one pre-painted. Like I have said in my other builds, I am not a painter. I like to build and fly, not paint.

I will do cockpit interior with instrument panels and pilots. I am also doing the rescue basket out the side, a search light under neath, and then who knows. You can see a short video I found of an A109 flying at night on the video page. It has lots of lights, some flashing and some not. I want to do them all

This build will be worked on as time and money allow. Could be quick, might be all winter into next spring, don't know yet. I just received it today, Oct 1, 2011..

Build sections

Page 1

Electrical Systems

New Fuselage Inspection

Scale Mechanics Build

with new belt drive transmission

Page 2

Winch & Search Light

Fuselage Assembly

Fuselage Assembly (Cont.)

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Test Flight Crash

Flight Control Install and Setup

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Page 6

Page 8

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