MD500 Tow Defender Build

A little history before I start.
This is my first real detailed scale build. I have also built the Blade 400 Jet Ranger but I don't include that in a scale build class at all. It was an exercise in putting a lexan body over
the Blade 400 heli. Nothing really scale about it. Next I took my Trex500 and put it into an Airwolf fuselage. I do consider this a scale build and really my first. I did buy the fuselage pre-painted which saved a ton of work. But the Airwolf was not even close to the amount of work and detail that this Tow Defender is. I am planning to have this thing look very nice on the pad
and in the sky. I am doing more detail work with all the custom electronics used to do various things. 
When I first started this project I had planned on using my Hirobo SDX 50 SWM mechanics in it. I have changed my mind and decided to go electric with this heli. I chose a Trex600ESP
kit as the price was right, I like the way my Trex500 flies, and Hirobo took too long to get back to me with their electric conversion kit. Although the Hirobo is a great flying heli, I did
not want the mess to clean up all the time after flying.
With this heli I plan to have a auto rotating FLIR, lighted instrument panel and radar screen, cockpit lighting, and a sound system that will emulate machine gun and rocket launch
sounds. I will also have all the navigation lights working as well. I will also be putting the Century Diamond 5 blade head on this heli.
Now you can either go through page by page using the links at the top and bottom of the pages, or you can click on a photo that links dirrectly to a page. I hope you enjoy reading through my build. If you have any questions or suggestions please go to my About/Contact Me page and send an email.  

Getting Started Intro
Page 1 
Fuselage Body Work and Prep
Page 2 
Navigation Lighting
Page 3 
FLIR Mounting and Control
Page 4
Cockpit Instruments
Page 5 
Cockpit Installation
 Page 6
Fitting the Mechanics (part 1)
Page 7 
Fitting the Mechanics (part 2)
Page 8 
Electrical Systems
Page 9 

Electrical Systems Cont.  

Page 10

FlyBarLess Setup / testing
  Page 11

Fuselage Crash and Repair

Page 12

Painting (inside/Outside) and Final Assembly after painting.

Page 13


Notes & Flight Log Data